IPDID offers our largest nationwide and international DID coverage.

IPDID from IPComms provides unlimited inbound SIP Trunks that cover over 87 percent of the United States as well as many locations worldwide.  IPDID delivers local phone numbers to any VoIP/SIP device with unlimited inbound calling and convenient pay-per-trunk billing.  Our trunks provide advanced routing options designed to meet the needs of your business.  

Getting started is easy.  Just purchase phone numbers or bring your existing phone numbers to us.  Your phone numbers will be accessible from anywhere and will be delivered to any VoIP device connected to the public internet. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can select numbers from a variety of area codes in several countries/regions – no more expensive international rates for your friends, family or clients. Whether you're moving abroad, travelling, or simply need a global presence for your business, your IPComms phone number will ring wherever you are.

View/Download our IPDID Local Origination Map.

How it works:

Simply choose a U.S. or Canada phone number or transfer your existing numbers to us.  When a call is placed to your number, we'll forward the calls automatically to you.  


You can even add multiple DIDs from multiple area codes to project a virtual presence in more than one city. 

Get started today


For outbound calling, see TalkinIP Pay-as-you-Go outbound.


  • Unlimited inbound local calling
  • DIDs from over 8000 service locations
  • Easy to use online control panel
  • No minimums
  • SIP delivery (g729, g711ulaw)
  • Supports Asterisk®,OpenSer, FreeSwitch, etc..
  • G.729/G.711u CODECs
  • US,CAN & Int'l Phone Numbers
  • Fail-over routing for multiple endpoints
  • Load balance calls between endpoints
  • Transfer existing phone numbers (LNP)
  • Fully redundant network core


(5 Lines)

5 lines & 1 USA local number
Perfect for Asterisk & most PBXs


2 Lines & 1 USA DID for only:

Plus taxes & fees

Add-Ons (optional)

Monthly Charges

Lines  $10.00 each
USA Numbers <24 lines $1.99 each
USA Numbers 24+ lines $0.50 each
CAN Numbers  $3.49 each
E911 $1.99 each
Int'l Numbers $4.99 each

Other Services

PSTN Forwarding  1¢ per min
Number Transfers  $15.00 ea

Service Features:

  • Free inbound calls
  • Quality domestic & international outbound
  • SIP/VoIP delivery
  • LNP - (Keep your existing phone numbers)
  • Live USA based customer support.

Routing Options: