SIP Trunking Benefits

Leverage your existing non-VoIP PBX hardware.

IPComms SIP Trunking is an affordable way to phase your existing PBX hardware into the world of Voice Over IP (VoIP).  Simply by adding a VoIP gateway to any legacy PBX, a business can benefit from low-cost incoming and outgoing VoIP calls provided by IPComms. 

Get the most out of your SIP enabled IP PBX.

If you already have a VoIP based business phone system, simply add IPComms SIP Trunks and start enjoying quality local and long-distance calls. We support the most popular IP PBXs, such as: Asterisk, PBX in a Flash, Avaya, FreePBX, Trixbox, Switchvox, Fonality, Elastix3CX, Linksys, Grandstream, Talkswitch and Aastra. Each individual SIP Trunk can support a single concurrent call, unlimited inbound calls and either pay-as-you-go outbound, or unlimited outbound domestic calling.

SIP Trunking grows with your business.

With SIP Trunking, most services can be enabled within 24 hours of ordering. As your company grows, SIP Trunks allow you to increase your network capacity without installing physical land-lines - all service additions are delivered seamlessly over your broadband connection.

Enable communications over multiple geographic locations.

SIP Trunks have no geographic limitations - SIP trunks are not installed on site physically. Instead, they are provisioned over your existing broadband internet connection. In contrast a traditional PRI service is delivered over a T1 copper pair which must physically be brought to your office. 

Instant Business and Market-Place Expansion 

A single corporate SIP trunking connection can provide enough capacity to service any size business from SMB to a large entire enterprise. Multi-site enterprises can use a single SIP trunking account rather than multiple PSTN connections.

SIP Trunking combines your office voice and data across your existing broadband connection.

The typical business uses only a fraction of their overall bandwidth for their data needs, leaving as much as 80% of their available bandwidth under utilized. IPComms' SIP Trunks eliminate the need to have both a data and a voice circuit by moving your voice communications onto your existing broadband connection.  Best of all, you don't have to sacrificing reliability or quality.

SIP Trunks are Fault Tolerant by Nature

Natural disasters are an ever-looming risk.  Unforeseen accidents, fire or even a disgruntled employee can cause catastrophic damage to a business and its revenue.   Ensuring business continuity is vital for protecting a business and its assets. VoIP is unique in its design.  Its ubiquity and autonomous design allows for a much higher degree of fault tolerance than land-lines or even PRIs.

All of IPComms SIP Trunks offer free fail-over routing and load-balancing of calls between multiple office locations.  So, with IPComms and a small bit of pre-planning, you can rest assured that your company and its communications will be able to withstand even the worst of disasters.


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